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Meet some of the talented contestants from this year's World Class competition

Erin Shaw, Cushdy

Erin Shaw is a savvy girl. She knows full well that a man with an acoustic guitar (that he can actually play) or a puppy can take an average 6 and turn him into a smokin’ 8.5. Same goes for bartenders. “You automatically go up two points on the 'hot' scale if you work behind a bar,” she assures us.

She also swears that the presence of the Ministry of Sound Ultimate R&B on her iPod is just “for shits and giggles” but we aren’t so sure, Shaw could potentially be the biggest Ja Rule and Ashanti fan on the Bight – who’s to know?

Definitely one for the little guy, she is the first to give mad props to the floor soldiers - her glassies – who do a lot of the leg work and heavy lifting in the bar game and whose contribution should never be overlooked.

When it comes to her perfect bar, “ It’s the perfect balance of old world and new. The main bar with all the mod cons one could think of (even if I don't need them...yet), but with a vintage glamour feel. I’d have the best and most passionate bartenders in the world, but they would also be free of pretentious attitudes – that goes for both staff and patrons, thank you.”

Erin Shaw's World Class cocktail

Darren Leaney, Grace the Establishment

Bartending was a way to keep living the dream for Grace the Establishment’s Darren Leaney. “ It’s a way to make money and still enjoy the late nights, working with awesome people and excessive alcohol consumption!”

When it is dealer’s choice he’ll be having a Jamesons and Coke or a cheeky shot of Makers Mark, or failing that he’ll never say no to his home town brew of a Coopers Pale Ale. Crank the Avalanches, the Black Keys, Mos Dub, Ghostfunk, or a bit of Biggie to keep him happy and arrive at the Grace with a mighty thirst because this bartender is in it for the punters.

Right now you’ll find him behind the bar in Norwood, his good ol' boston shaker in hand, but when his ship comes sailing in he’ll be making plans for a little place of his own. “I want an intimate candle lit room, lots of booze, great tunes, bartenders who call themselves bartenders and most importantly, thirsty guests, man!”

Darren Leaney's World Class cocktail

Joshua Dolman, Mesa Lunga Sangria y Pintxos Bar

When 21 year old Joshua Dolman isn’t slingin’ Sangria, you’ll find him with a cold beer and a shot of bourbon. The most important thing he has in his bar is “the world's longest bar spoon. Good for both stirring and assaulting.”

When he’s not attacking people with bar spoons or sinking bourbons and beers, he’s listening to M83, Real Estate and Kan-yeezy.

His ultimate bar would have mountains of tiki mugs and the reason he’s involved in the can shaking business? Simple: “Getting paid to talk smack and make delicious drinks.”

Joshua Dolman's World Class cocktail

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Updated on 19 Dec 2011.