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The food truck revolution is coming to Brisbane, and the Bun Mobile is on the front line 

Not long ago, sighting a food truck in Brisbane was about as likely as catching a glimpse of the Bat Mobile. Now, the Bun Mobile is hitting the streets and revving up the street-food movement. Crowds are lining up to try their burger-sized beauties: pillowy steamed buns folded over slabs of Asian marinated meat with locally grown veg and a lot of heart. Like the food-truck pioneers before them, Harry and Christine Fleming – who roll up in what might be the cleanest truck currently on the streets of Brisvegas – know there are no frills to hide behind when working out of a vehicle. They have to deliver great food at great prices to keep their street cred, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

We’re willing to bet they’ve heard a thing or two about the steamed pork buns from David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant in NYC. No one’s about to hate on Robin Hood for sharing the bun wealth down at street level. After 35 years cheffing in restaurants around the world, Harry was looking for something a bit different. The couple took their cue from the USA, where food trucks have become a formidable force, and theyr'e pumping out some of the best bites around. 

Of the three fixed bun options – char grilled teriyaki chicken, wagyu beef, or twice-cooked pork – the slow- cooked wagyu beef ($8) is the golden bun of the bunch. Seasoned in a gingery sweet soy marinade, the beef gets an extra kick from tangy truck-made dragon sauce, meaty pickled shiitake, a piece of butter lettuce filtering the juices before they soak into the bun. They also regularly run specials. The banana caramel desert bun ($10) is a bit of an engineering disaster, goopy caramel seeping from the fluffy pocket and taking the salted praline shrapnel, peanut bits, and banana slices with it. If you can get everything in one bite, it’s a nice balance of creamy and crunch, and you can rely on passing pups to clean up any bits that escape to the curb.

Don’t leave your bun encounter to chance! The Bun Mobile regularly update their locations calendar on their website. The truck stops here.

Updated on 17 May 2013.

By Alexandra Nardi   |  

The Bun Mobile details

Around Brisbane, Brisbane 4000

Price per person including drinks Up to $50

The Bun Mobile website

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