Another hulking, multi-venue that includes a café, beer garden, tiki bar, a late night dessert and alcoholic juice bar and a regular rock'n'roll inspired watering hole. 

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Alfred and Constance details

132 Constance Street

Brisbane 4006

Telephone 07 3251 6500

Open Cafe Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 10am-3pm; Bars and Restaurants Wed-Sun 11am-late

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  • Erik Veland said: “Social Media Fail”

    OK, so I went to this event that Alfred & Constance put on tonight to try out their new Tiki menu, with tiki master Richard Bocatto. As most of you know I've been a big fan of A&C from the start. That said... The event was shall we say, less than well organised. There was no welcome. No explanation, no introduction of Richard. Just a silent wait for drinks to be handed out to 25+ people (12 people who had won the competition plus friends, plus whoever extra the bar invited). The problem immediately was that there was too many people and too little staff. The pre-prepared cocktails came out and tasted fine. The second ones even more so. Then there was just a lull. Some people got a third round, others not. There was a fourth cocktail that only went out to a few. After a long wait at the bar, the annoyed bar staff was brushing us off saying "next round will start soon" without any apparent activity behind the bar apart from Richard Boccato getting his jacket and leaving without saying a word, we decided to go downstairs and get some food. I then commented on a picture from the event saying: "Too many people? To few staff? Not asking for our feedback? Richard left half way through looking defeated. (Great cocktails though)". It was removed within five minutes and my commenting priveliges on their page removed. In other words, they censored and blocked me for providing constructive criticism. Now, who am I to complain about free drinks you might ask? I didn't. I loved the cocktails and merely dared to be honest about the organisation and vibe of an event they put on. Nothing is a bigger failure in social media than to censor and not respond to criticism. Businesses ought to have learnt that by now. Clearly I hit a sore nerve. Stay away, or let them know how they should handle their social media in the future by commenting on their facebook page. And to be quite honest, their standards have fallen lately. As happens with all restaurants once they've gotten over their initial period to need to impress. The last few times the pork has been dry, their crackling soft and they have always been far too stingy with their sauce.

    Posted on Wed 20 Mar 2013 21:50:26

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