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How to host a great Game of Thrones and Mad Men screening party

Fans of stupidly good TV get a double-barrel treat this April with the premieres of Game of Thrones (season two) and Mad Men (season five). So, as you wave goodbye to whatever semblance of a social life you had left, we’ve sat down and planned the perfect weekly viewing parties for both of the cult shows. 
A tip to start Don’t invite any disgruntled relos.
Set the scene Order a 180kg block of ice. Every time you want a drink, send someone to “the Wall” to chip off a few chunks. If that sounds like too much effort, just turn the air-con down real low.
To eat Get all feasty with a suckling pig or alternatively, smash into some saucy ribs.
On that note Lay down an old carpet or some newspapers – your pansy modern carpet’s going to need protection as you throw bones and swig wine in true Lannister fashion.
To drink You're going to need to find modern wines to match all that “Dornish red” and “Arbor gold” on screen.
Dress up Pillage the racks of your local gothic store for all your bodice and cape fashion needs.
To bring Make sure your fellow Thrones fiends come packing a wood-handled Opinel knife to tear into the tasty beasts.
Extras You’ll want a few dogs and some horses in there. Maybe a wolf.
Drinking game The HBO rule – take a shot every time you see boobs.  

Game of Thrones returns April 10, 8.30pm, to Showcase.
A tip to start If your wife isn’t invited, get Peg to take your calls.
Set the scene Put ice in a bucket, polish your lowballs and for that in-the-agency fog, close the windows and smoke – a lot. If you’ve got a Madison Ave-sized spending account, add a bit of vintage furniture, otherwise make for the flea markets for an evocative 60s lamp or something similar.
To eat Stop at Woollies to get that Betty Draper spread just right. Your list should include: capsicum-stuffed olives, a tub of French onion dip with Jatz and some Coon cubes with toothpicks for stabbing.
On that note If you’ve got a bit of prep time, chicken Kiev and some devilled eggs.
To drink Canadian Club should do it – the famous rye is the key ingredient in Don’s favourite drop, the Old Fashioned, as well as Pete’s, the Manhattan. If you don’t want to go to the bother of mix-shake-pouring, a simple nip on the rocks will give you the Sterling-Draper-Cooper-Pryce swagger.
Dress up Try ordering online from Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant’s latest collection for Banana Republic.
To bring A pack of Lucky Strikes
Drinking game Take a shot every time someone lights up… or whenever Don smoulders.
Mad Men returns April 12, 8.30pm on Movie Extra.


Updated on 22 Mar 2012.

By Joel Meares   |  

Game of Thrones & Mad Men party ideas video