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Best restaurants in Brunswick

John Gorilla

Not having a café within a block of your house in Melbourne means you live...

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Best bars in Brunswick


Howler is Brunswick's brand new warehouse-turned-art-and-live-entertainment...

Amelia Shaw

Brunswick’s finally got a real cocktail bar. You may not know about it yet...

Brunswick Mess Hall

Drinking in Brunswick has changed. The bar has been raised and no one's...

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Some other venues in Brunswick

Guardian Defence

Guardian Defence asks that you "check your ego at the door" and come to...

Fitzy's Gym

This Brunswick gym offers squash, aerobics, yoga, boxing, training and more.

Squishface Studio

Part workspace, part gallery, Squishface Studio is a brand new haunt for...

Westside Circus

A Melbourne-based community arts organisation creating circus, perfomance,...

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What's on in Brunswick

Music - 01-15 Mar

Brunswick's live music venues pack in a hell of a lot of gigs almost every night of the week, but no more so than during the suburb's massive annual music festival.  The festival has become famous...

Music - Sat 07 Mar

Rebetiko's kinda like the Greek blues – it's the music of the underclass and the urban poor and it deals with the themes that plague us in real life (love, loss – you know the drill). This event's...

Clubs - Sat 14 Mar

Performing as a duo against a backdrop of immersive projections, Forest Swords (AKA Matthew Barnes), will bring his R&B and world music-tinged beats to Howler.