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Head of the Energy Efficiency Council

I live in Collingwood, the most gentrified slum in the world...
My street is like a reverse mullet – they renovated the front for parties, but the laneway out back is still skanky for business. It's a diverse melting pot of hipsters, middle-aged hipsters and wanna-be hipsters. Bizarrely, for a suburb that has the highest proportion of Greens voters in the country, Collingwood doesn't have any green space. I have to leave to get my tree fix at the weekend.

Melbourne has turned me into a coffee snob...
This isn't something to be proud of – being obsessed with hot beverages is about as attractive as stamp collecting. But, Melbourne probably has the most consistently great coffee in the world, which unfortunately makes me a whiney bitch when I travel anywhere else. My family in London hate me.

Melbourne also has the best Singaporean restaurant outside Singapore...
The fried lamb pancakes called Roti Murtabak from Raffles Place on the corner of Johnston and Wellington form a depressingly large proportion of my food pyramid. Tasty? Yes. Heathy? Probably not.

I run a non-profit organisation...
which brings together experts to help Australians save energy. You'd think people wouldn't need any help – wasting energy is expensive and a massive source of greenhouse emissions. Unfortunately, people are busy and it's the last thing they worry about. One company just found out they were wasting enough energy each year to power 100,000 homes. It's rewarding, and I get to work with a lot of great people, but I'd like to get more sleep. Maybe I should just ditch the coffee.

Rob Murray-Leach is the CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council

Updated on 18 Jan 2012.

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