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The average Victorian home produces about 8,000 kilograms of carbon pollution per year! Follow these tips and reduce your carbon footprint


Curtain Call
Thick curtains minimise heat loss and keep your home cool through the summer.

Melt Down
Turning down heaters and not heating rooms you're not using will save you $150 annually.

Get Air
Using a fan instead of air con boosts natural air flow and slashes your power bill by $110 each year while reducing carbon pollution by 550kg.

Living Room

Switch Off
Turn off at the wall TVs, DVDs, VCRs, set-top boxes, games consoles, stereos and computers.  You'll cut your home's carbon pollution by 500kg per year.

No Charge
Mobile phone chargers left plugged in use power ever if they're not connected to your phone.

Stand Down
Standby power accounts for 10 per cent of your power bill and costs the average home $100 every year.

Shut Up
Close windows, shut doors, hang curtains.  A window loses 10 times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall.

Sleep Mode
Activate power-saving features on computers, screens, faxes, scanners, printers and office equipment.

Window? Fan?
Air conditioners guzzle more power in summer than your electric hot water system.  Turn off the air con, use blinds to block the sun and buy a fan!


Front Up
Choose an energy-efficient front loader - you'll remove the stain of 350kg of dirty carbon pollution annually.

Power Down
Your electric hot water system accounts for over a third of your home's annual power bill.  Use wisely.

Full Wash
Choose a washing machine with variable water levels to save H20 and shorten the cycle.  Wash full loads only.

Star Wash
A 4.5 star energy efficient washing machine saves 100 litres per wash (that's 31,000 litres a year, half a backyard pool) and earns a $150 rebate bought new.

Cold Power
Clothes wash just as well in cold water and are less likely to shrink and fade.  Wash cold and save $30 annually and remove 400kg of dirty carbon pollution from the atmosphere.

Sun Stroke
Hot water systems account for a third of a home's electricity use.  Switch to solar and get up to 80 per cent free!

Hang Out
Recycle your dryer and hang your clothes out to dry in the sunshine.


Install Insulation Up to 35 per cent of heat loss disappears via the roof.  Ceiling insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saves you up to $100 and 5ookg of carbon pollution!  There's an Ausralian Government rebate of up to $1,600 too.


Short Showers
Cutting your shower time by three minutes can save $30 and 500kg of carbon pollution per person per year.

Shower Power
A standard showerhead uses 25 litres of water per minute, but water-efficient showerheads use as little as seven.

Solar Flair
There are NSW and Australian Government rebates for switching to solar.  Going solar reduces the electricity consumption of your hot water system by 70 per cent, saving you up to $140 on your annual power bills and reducing your home's carbon pollution by over 2000kg.


Make sure your fridge is in a cool spot and the seals work.  If replacing, buy a 5 star energy efficient fridge.

Fill Up
Fridges and freezers use more power nearly empty than when full.  Recycle your fridge at fridgebuyback.com.au and get $35!

Two Cool?
Running two small fridges costs more than running one large fridge.

Updated on 17 Aug 2011.

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