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Taking the initiative two years ago at nightclub/venue Revolver, Mikey and Kerrie recently celebrated their 100th night in beery style

How does Never Cheer Before You Know Who's Winning work?
We have six rounds: Topic Thunder, Naked Moofies, Music Response, Songlines, Sound Snippets and The Med Round (our themed round, ya dig?). We base The Med Round around the prize we have to giveaway that week, like MIFF tickets, Fed Square wine passes, CDs from Warner, Remote Control, Mistletone, etc.

What kind of punter do you tend to attract?
All kinds: Gen X, Y, Z, boomers, hipster run-offs, hipster doofuses, that couple reading over your shoulder right now. We get on average 8-10 teams per week and entice diners from Revolver’s Colonel Tan’s to join in the madness too.

How would you describe your hosting style?
Loose but focused. Mikey Cahill (Joey Lightbulb) and Kerrie Loveless (DJ K-Lo) have the audacity to ask teams to take part in slow motion Chariots of Fire races, tell tales of sexual misadventures with surfers/Nazis and even had an interactive game: "Throw your shoe at a picture of John Howard" the day after that limp-wristed hippy chucked his Dunlops at our fuckwit former PM on Q&A."

If you had to single out your most fiendishly brilliant question, what would it be?
What is the name of Justin Bieber’s film? BONUS: T/F the 3D glasses actually show you his balls gradually dropping during the film until the end credits where he starts crooning, Barry White-style.

What have some of the best team names been?
Prahran Prahran, Wrong Side of the River, Trivia Newton John, We Deserve a Better House Red, Duck Duck Brick.

What do you generally give away to winners?
The prizes mentioned above, plus every week we give away eight Colonel Tan's meals and a bottle of wine… and the team that comes last gets the booby prize: ZOO Weekly.

Please complete the following sentence: “By the end of the evening, our trivia night has descended into…”
A delightful evening of tea and scones, where we talk about our feelings then leave after exchanging foot rubs and sympathetic head nods. Kerrie sometimes gets her baps out.

Revolver, Tue 7.30pm-9.30pm. Hosted by Mikey Cahill and Kerrie Loveless.

Updated on 24 Aug 2011.

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