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The Something For Kate drummer, and co-owner of Yellow Bird Café and new eatery Woods of Windsor, squires us around Windsor itself

What made you choose Chapel Street in Windsor as a base for Yellow Bird Café?
When I wasn't touring I basically spent my twenties underneath nightclub Revolver [also in Chapel Street], rehearsing and writing with Something For Kate. On our lunch breaks Paul [Dempsey, frontman] and I would always complain that the cafés and bars didn't play good music. So when a good friend of mine with an MBA, Dean Bowden, came to me in 2007 and said, “Let's do that café/bar that we talked about that was missing from Windsor,” Yellow Bird was born. We both also live in the area so Windsor was the only place it was going to happen.

It’s not a very muso-laden area… or is that a bit of a misconception?
Misconception. I don't want to name names but I see quite a lot of my favourite musical contemporaries in the area on a daily basis.

What do you like about the area? And dislike?
I like that there are so many places to get a great meal and coffee. I dislike the people that flock to the area on Saturday nights and treat Windsor like Schoolies Week, and the fact that all the great independent and quirky shops that made the area interesting are disappearing.

Do you have any favourite local characters?
I have many. My favourite is this old guy who waves to everyone and loves to shake everybody's hand. He doesn't speak though.

Where do you go when you’re off duty?
I like to pop into Greville Records to buy a couple of albums followed by some sushi from Prahran Central, then a walk to Chapel Street Bazaar to buy crap to fill my house with.

Do you live in the area too?
Yep, I live in Windsor. My wife and I were saying the other day that we're pretty sure we'll never leave.

You're opening restaurant bar Woods of Windsor at the end of December… did you consider opening it anywhere but in this neighbourhood?
The reason we opened Yellow Bird is because we wanted somewhere to eat and drink that played good music. Same reason we’re opening the Woods of Windsor, but the our palate has changed. We both wanted somewhere to get a good whiskey and some fine food. I think it'll be a great fit to the area as there’s no place like it.

* The Woods of Windsor is now open. Read our review.

Woods of Windsor, 108 Chapel St, Windsor

Updated on 24 Aug 2012.

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