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Thought magic tricks were naff? You were dead wrong buddy. In fact, we've found they're a surefire guarantee to a walk of shame come tomorrow morning

Freeze a beer in seconds

Make like Mr Freeze and frost over a cold one in a couple of seconds.

You’ll need: A freezer, a spare couple of hours and a bottle of beer
Skill factor: 1/5
Magic/wow factor: 5/5

1. Place your beer vertically in a freezer for two to three hours. Closely monitor it so it is just on the verge of being frozen – still liquid, not slushie or frozen.
2. Take the beer out – don’t knock or bump it – then open it and tap its base against a hard surface (tiles, table, another bottle).
3. Watch in awe as your mind-bending magician skills* freeze it over and turn the liquid completely solid.

*This is actually the process of supercooling. This happens when there is not enough contaminant in the liquid for ice crystals to form around – the tap releases carbon dioxide bubbles which provide the needed contaminent.

The penetrating toothpick trick

Interlocking magical toothpicks, oh my!

You’ll need: Two toothpicks, nimble fingers
Skill needed: 2/5
Magic/wow factor: 3/5 (4/5 for the drunker punters)

1. In one hand place a toothpick between you index finger and thumb.
2. In the other (the sneaky hand), place one tip of the tooth pick between your index finger and middle finger (so you have a grip), with the other tip against your thumb.
3. Quickly ‘interlock’ the two toothpicks by using your sneaky hand to lift the toothpick up slightly, so the other toothpick can slip quickly through the gap between the end of the pick and your thumb.
4. Close the toothpick against your thumb to make it look like the one stick has gone through the other.

Updated on 24 Mar 2014.



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