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Madman branch out into the comics game

You may be familiar with last year's television series of the same name, but may not have been familiar with the source material. Thankfully that should change with local DVD and film distributor Madman getting into the comics game, since the original comic series (created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, who was later replaced by Charlie Adlard) is worthy of wider appeal.

The setting should be familiar to anyone who's seen a zombie flick: an inexplicable plague has spread in which the dead rise and attack the living, with those attacked becoming zombies in turn. We see the world through the eyes of Rick Grimes, a small-town police officer who wakes from a gunshot-induced coma to find the hospital deserted, the countryside overrun with shuffling corpses and his wife and son missing – and time (and food, and gas, and everything else) is running out...

The story is set up in these, the first two collections (of 14 to date, and the series is ongoing) and while the art is in stark black and white the stories are remarkably detailed, focussing more on the struggles of the survivors between themselves than the undead threat outside. Sure, it adheres to the conventions of the genre rather than offering Shaun of the Dead-style subversion, but The Walking Dead is well worth your attention.

Madman, RRP $19.95 ($39.95 hardcover)

Updated on 6 Nov 2012.

By Andrew P Street   |  


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