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This new espresso bar is a wonderland for freelancers

Cobb Lane

This café is serving dainty cakes and one porker of a breakfast

Hawthorn Common

The breakfast is greener at Hawthorn Common

Lemon, Middle and Orange

This café does soda bread in a shed

Pallet Espresso

Putting teriyaki on your burger and doing breakfast for chump change

Barry Coffee and Food

The new café setting Northcote’s mouths and minds on fire

Melbourne's best cafés


If there’s one thing we excel at, it’s a stellar breakfast spread

High teas

High tea has never been more varied

Breakfast Bloody Marys

These cafés do a Bloody Mary to put a little extra pep in your step


There’s nothing as delicious as a giant cup of sweet, flavoured dairy


Lunch, we salute you and all your delicious possibilities

Bike friendly cafés

Hitting Melbourne's cycle superhighways? Here are our favourite pit-stops


Love bagels? Get your boiled and baked breads here

Seven super sandwiches

These Melbourne cafés are getting top scores for their daily bread

Coffee guide

Everything you need to know about Melbourne coffee

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