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As befits a show about an Australian comedy show, The Jesters boasts cameos by loads of people from Australian comedy shows. Here are some of the highlights:

Wil Anderson

Time Out Sydney-approved stand-up, former Triple J star and host of The Gruen Transfer makes a brief but notable appearance in episode one, hosting a gala event after unwittingly being made the patsy for one of Dave's past indiscretions. A gumboot may have been involved.

Merrick Watts

Steve is linked to a visiting US starlet, but when her hacked BlackBerry reveals that "Aussie Funny Guy" rates a 2.3/10 in the sack he scrambles to find a scapegoat to avoid being tarred as a dud root. Merrick isn't about to take the rap for it, as Steve learns in one of the most hilariously sweary monologues of the series.

Steve Vizard

One of the best recurring jokes of The Jesters is Dave's competitive enmity with Fast Foward/Full Frontal/Tonight Live creator/star Vizard, who turns up on several occasions in both series as a somewhat heightened version of himself. In the second episode, acting as guest producer for The Jesters, he's being made up when it's pointed out that he's not appearing on camera. His curt retort: "And your point?"

Chas Licciardello

It's particularly sweet to see Licciardello on the screen, given that the show within the show of The Jesters is – hey, let's face it – The Chaser. It's especially funny since he's hosting the super-lowbrow Punk'd-esque Stunted, which features pie-in-face pranks carried out by the likes of Brooke Satchwell and Jeremy Sims, as well as...

Ross Noble

The now-Australian-resident UK comic turns up in episode two to decry a Jesters' sketch as being in bad taste and in seven to carry out one of the Stunted stunts, demonstrating once and for all that he's as deft with a pie as he is with a quip.

Peter Rowsthorn

The cast of The Dave Davies Show is reunited for a special, with Rowsthorn as hapless sidekick Kenny Ford, It's an inspired bit of casting: while he's probably best known as Brett Craig, Kim's husband on Kath & Kim, he first came to prominence in The Comedy Company – the 80s Australian show whose broad, rubberfaced, recurring-character comedy The Dave Davies Show cruelly but perfectly satirises.

Glenn Robbins

Like Rowsthorn, Robbins was a Comedy Company regular (later joining the cast of Vizard's Fast Forward) before going to Kath & Kim, but here he's limited to a second episode cameo decrying a Jesters sketch in which cute kids act out the Nuremberg Rally (echoing the fallout from the Chaser's infamous Make A Wish sketch). Be sure to stick around for his brilliant end-credits turn.

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Updated on 2 Feb 2011.

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