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7.30am: Wake up in Dubbo. Nothing is open in Dubbo at 7.30am (In fact, that sentence could have stopped with the word Dubbo). I’m on tour with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. The comedians on this leg include Justin Hamilton, Tommy Dean, Dave Callan and Deanne Smith. Deanne runs late. A lot.

9am: Our scheduled departure time from Dubbo.

9.20am: Deanne arrives at the bus. Our tour manager decides we should all go get breakfast. I get a cappuccino in a mug. Why? Because I’m rural as, mate.

10am: We hit the road for Coonamble! Yes!

11am: The road is boring.

1.30pm: We arrive in Coonamble and check into the motel. There are two dogs lazing in the sun outside our rooms. You can tell how good a motel is by the amount of dogs in the carpark. They’re like ratings stars. The more the better.

1.45pm: I try and do some work.

1.50pm: I decide to walk around the town of Coonamble.

1.55pm: After walking around the entire town, I go back to the motel and tell myself to do some work.

1.56pm: I decide to watch one episode of Louie (as a treat), and then get to work.

6.30pm: I finish the last episode of Louie and get into the car to go to the gig.

8pm: The gig starts and the people of Coonamble are in fine form. Tonight’s gig is in a shearing shed, and while it sounds awful, it’s brilliant. Also, how often do you get to say you performed in a shearing shed?

11pm: The show is over. We drive back to the motel. Our tour manager tells us all to be at the cars tomorrow by 8am, except for Deanne who has to be there by 7.45am (Spoiler alert. she gets there at 8.15am). Tommy invites us back to his room to play board games (rock’n’roll!), but I decline as I have to be on 3RRR the next day at 7.15am to talk to the Breakfasters. I hope they realise what sacrifices I make for them.

Josh can be heard on 3RRR 102.7 every Monday night from 7pm as part of Lime Champions, and Wednesday mornings at 7.15am on The Breakfasters with 'Josh Earl’s Bucket List'.

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Updated on 18 Jun 2012.

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