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Kate McLennan is one of Australia's busiest female comedians, with appearances in Offspring, The Project, Live From Planet Earth, Let Loose Live, The Nation and more. Here's what is inspiring her material right now...

I love travelling, but I have an intense dislike for other people who love travelling. I blame the novel Shantaram. Now any kid who’s ever strapped a Kathmandu backpack to their frame is vying for the title of ‘Most Extreme World Traveller'. Suddenly ‘finding yourself’ while drinking steins of beer and dancing to Black Eyed Peas ‘Lets Get Retarded’ is not enough. No, now travellers must engage in high-risk behaviour like sleeping up an elephant’s arsehole or injecting cobra venom into their eyeballs whilst hanging upside down in a jail cell in Kabul. To be frank, if you want ‘extreme travel’, try walking around in high humidity with swollen ankles and a yeast infection.

My Funeral
I think about my funeral quite a lot. I blame my father. When other families were playing ‘Eye-Spy’ on childhood car trips, we were playing ‘What Song Would You Play At Your Funeral?’ Funerals are like the ultimate popularity contest. Best-case scenario: I’ll have TV screens rigged up outside for the overflow of people. Worst-case: no one turns up at all. Because it’s not like you can do a publicity campaign. You can’t set up a Facebook invite or advertise on 3RRR. But I do think I’ll draw punters in with a door prize… and a taco truck at the wake.

Dirty Secret
I’ll admit it. I’ve got a dirty secret. My name is Kate and I like taking photos of my food in restaurants. There! I said it! Sometimes I even take pictures of meals that I’ve cooked at home and post them on Facebook. In 2010 I almost started a food blog and for the last two years I’ve been posting anonymous reviews on Urban Spoon. Oh, it gets worse. Sometimes when my boyfriend and I can’t sleep, we get on the internet and look up recipes together. But it’s okay, I haven’t completely lost the plot; I still think that ‘My Family’ stickers are bullshit.

Kate McLennan will be performing at Comedy at Spleen, Mon Nov 5.

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Updated on 21 Sep 2012.

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