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Our new comments system is here - you only need to register once using Facebook, Twitter or Disqus and you can now upload photos as well as leave comments and share these on Facebook or Twitter.

Other users can see ALL of your reviews and get to know what an authority you are.

It you Tweet a link to that page in your own Twitter account then our system will find your Tweet and show it on our page.

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Top contributors will be listed on the home page and will also be invited to Time Out events - we value your contributions and we'll reward you with food, drink and things to do.

Community guidelines

Time Out welcomes hot tips, constructive criticism and intelligent chat, but we don’t tolerate rudeness. Join the conversation, but don’t be a jerk.

You must use a genuine sign in and email address.

Comments should be helpful to other users but you don't need to agree with what we say.

No trolling, no abusiveness and no ranting. Generally if you find yourself speaking in absolutes ( "this is the worst xxxx ever" or "Do not go here!" ) then you are ranting.

Banned word: WORST - it is not the worst you have ever experienced, you are ranting.


Obviously no defamatory comments please - you take responsibility for your own comments.

Only upload photos that you took and own the copyright for.

No commercial messages.

No links unless directly relevant (please note we rarely allow links) and no phone numbers.

No creating SEO links with pointless comments.

We reserve the right to amend or delete any comments or to ban anyone from leaving more comments if you break these guidelines.

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