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Nicholas Sparks interview

With another of his sobfests in cinemas, Time Out speaks to author Nicholas Sparks.

Skagboys - Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh doesn't miss a grim, hilarious beat in his long-awaited Trainspotting prequel.

Lawrence M. Krauss on A Universe from Nothing

Krauss talks about science, Obama, Dawkins, Hitchins and the awesomeness of the universe.

Patrick White's posthumous novel

How Patrick White came to release a novel 22 years after his death.

Pat Grant on Blue

An imaginative new Aussie surfing comic comes ashore.

Neil Gaiman interview

Time Out sits down with the prolific author of American Gods.


Alain de Botton on Religion For Atheists

“I hate causing a fuss,” protests philosopher Alain de Botton on the publication of his book, Religion For Atheists. Although, he has a little...


The Cartographer - Peter Twohig

A child maps a vision of Melbourne through his own dealings of petty crime and shady figures in this debut novel.

Callum Hann on The Starter Kitchen

MasterChef runner-up Callum Hann has written a book aimed at uni students who have just left home with a bag full of hopes and dreams but no idea...

Wild Abandon - Joe Dunthorne

Multiple narrators cloud a tale of adolescence in a collapsing commune.

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