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If The Avengers proves to be a smash, there are plenty of other comic book Avengers ripe for a sequel

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk are household names. (In mildly geeky households, anyway.) But since its creation in 1963, Marvel Comics’ gestalt super-team The Avengers has embraced many lesser-known heroes, too. Here are some unlikely choices for the big screen.

Starfox: Originally known as Eros, Starfox is a cosmic god-like being with the power to ‘stimulate pleasure’ in others. A recent story finally addressed the creepiness of this head-on by showing Starfox on trial for sexual assault via psychic seduction.

Could be played by: Ryan ‘Hey Girl’ Gosling, obviously.

Jocasta: A robot built to be a mate for the evil Ultron, Jocasta overcame her programming to become a heroic Avenger. She can transfer her consciousness into dozens of robot bodies – all of which are just a silver sheen away from complete nudity.

Could be played by: the animated Angelina Jolie from Beowulf.

Triathlon: Delroy Garrett was stripped of his Olympic medals after a steroid scandal and given powers by a Scientology-like cult – neither of which excuses him choosing the least awe-inspiring superhero name of all time. He’s since changed it to the slightly better, retro-flavoured ‘3-D Man’.

Could be played by: Vince (Michael B. Jordan) from Friday Night Lights: 3-D eyes full hearts can’t lose!

Wonder Man: What makes Simon Williams – aka Wonder Man – perfect for an Avengers sequel is he’s already a movie star in the comics! His ionic radiation powers also make him basically immortal, so he can do all of his own stunts. In fact, he’s still alive in the far future of the Marvel Universe and calling himself 'Hollywood’.

Could be played by: the so-meta-even-he-doesn’t-know-if-he’s-kidding-anymore James Franco.

The Avengers screens from Wed 25 April

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Updated on 22 Mar 2012.

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