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Trans man, filmmaker and porn star Buck Angel is touring Australia for the first time

Buck Angel – aka 'The Man with the Pussy' – is coming to Australia for the first time with his Get Bucked tour... and he’s a bit excited.

Initially he was coming to premiere his new documentary, Mr. Angel, but Dude Magazine editor, Jez Pez, suggested he make a tour of it and host some pretty spectacular events. “I’ve always wanted to come to Australia,” Angel says from his New Mexico home. “I've got a big fan base there, but it's a long way. Jez became my tour manager and it’s happened quite organically.”

The distance between us and the States has also meant that our trans community has taken a while to grow. “Australia hasn’t been as educated, but now it’s exploding, and I see that, and that’s another reason why it’s time to come.”

Angel is very comfortable with who he is – and is always ready to talk about it – so he’s become an accidental role model. “I love that!” he laughs. “It’s not a burden, but you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. I don’t identify myself as a trans man; I identify as a man, but I am transsexual. Having said that, it is an honour to be a role model – I didn’t have one! Now I have a whole generation looking up to me, and they now have something to look forward to, something positive.”

Mostly, Angel is known for his porn work, but that was a way for him to become comfortable with his body as not being traditionally male. “We don’t have to fit into boxes and conform to what it means to be male or female or gay or straight. I still do get some hate from our community, but it’s not about me – that hate comes from themselves.

“Back in the day it was confronting, but today with the internet it’s a lot more open and we can put ourselves out there more. I’m not letting people tell me what is wrong. But it’s what we’re taught; so we’re all re-teaching people that not everything is black and white.”

Angel is in Melbourne for three days, and then he’s off to Brisbane and Sydney. “The whole thing is going to be awesome. It’s non-stop, I don’t even know when I’m going to sleep!”

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Updated on 10 Dec 2013.

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