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Whether you’re dating a few fellas on the hop, dropping in at the sauna for the hokey-pokey, or rooting your way through Grindr profiles like a man possessed, knowing your sexual health status through regular screening is a must.

It’s no secret that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise in Melbourne. Sure, it’s essential practice to use condoms during penetrative sex, however it’s fair to say that not too many fellas are fans of using condoms when it comes to oral play. Despite the fruity flavours rubbers come in these days, the average Joe prefers to get down low and go, go, go, rubber-free.

It’s not just oral sex that can put you at risk of STIs. Most sexual activity where your mouth or fingers come into contact with a fella’s back door, pre-cum or semen can potentially put you at risk of picking up an STI.

Before you go joining the priesthood or permanently covering your lower half in cling wrap, just accept these risks as a normal part of play but take comfort in knowing your own sexual health status by testing regularly. And for boys who can’t keep their zipper up, this means every three months.

When it comes to testing, perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks for men is being able to book in a sexual health screen without feeling embarrassed.

Not all fellas are comfortable with having their regular GP perform these tests though. An intimate line of questions can make a doctor’s surgery seem more like a confessional booth. While answering honestly about how many partners you have had in the last three months might make you feel like a man-whore, fessing up without shame is important for accurate data collection.

For that reason, many men choose to visit sexual health clinics – where testing is strictly confidential – and fortunately Melbourne isn't short of them. So drop them a line, drop in, drop your pants and get tested.

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Updated on 13 Oct 2014.

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