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In this issue

If you’re planning to spend most of August sitting in dark rooms, then that’s cool with us. In fact, you’ll see us there; popcorn in hand, feasting on world-class cinema at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Have you seen the program yet? There’s a movie filmed on an iPhone 5 in there! Narrowing down your MIFF schedule isn’t easy, so we’ve picked out this year’s unmissable movies: films to blow your mind, break your heart, make you mad and lift your gloom. And, because we’re unabashed food obsessives, we’ve put together your guide to where to feast during the festival.

While we’re talking food and drink, our August edition will show you where to enjoy an extraordinarily good degustation (spoiler: it’s Beaconfield!), where to drink like a 19th-century steel worker and where to cook your own Sichuan hotpot. One more month of winter left, Melbourne. Let’s make it a delicious one.

Rose Johnstone Editor

Six reasons to buy Time Out this month


1. Our 35 must-see movies at MIFF
Films to blow your mind, break your heart and make you mad as hell 

2. Hospitality power couples
Meet the soulmates who run bars, restaurants and cafés together

3. Alternative dance classes
Get your '80s dance on, one leg-warmer at a time

4. Arts worth travelling for
Weekend escapes filled with visual art, live performances and parties

5. O.My
The location of this crazy-good restaurant isn't the only surprise

6. Boilermaker House
We go gaga for the new CBD shrine to whisky from Eau de Vie


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