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Museums & Attractions - 15 Feb-01 Mar

As Chinese New Year approaches, the Eureka Skydeck is gearing up for a celebration of Melbourne's rich Chinese culture. As you enjoy panoramic views of the city from the 88th floor (and catch a glimpse of...

Museums & Attractions - 05 Dec 2013-31 Mar

The future is a constant source of speculation – what will the world be like in 10, 20, or 100 years? Will we ever get flying cars? Will robots be our friends? What about bionic body parts? We can't be...

Museums & Attractions - 26 Jul 2014-09 Mar

Remember when you first saw Star Wars , and all you could think was “woah, why don’t we have humanoid robots and holographic messages?” That was before your parents told you all of that is...

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