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The Hoodoo's head Guru explains the best rock'n'roll festival Melbourne's likely to see in 2012

It’s been 30 years since the release of ‘Leilani’, the first recorded effort by the Perth-via-Sydney band Hoodoo Gurus. In that time the band have changed line up, put out nine studio albums, dozens of singles, split up, reunited under a different name, reunited properly and suffered a couple of major health scares – and they are still making top-notch records.

To celebrate this storied past, the band are holding Dig It Up: The Hoodoo Gurus Invitational, a day-long, four venue festival where the band will be joined by a jaw-dropping assortment of amazing bands and will themselves perform their 1984 debut, Stoneage Romeos, in its entirety. Andrew P Street spoke to sole remaining founding member Dave Faulkner about…

…how awesome the line up is!
“We’ve played with most of these bands, and the reason we like them is because they’re so bloody good on stage. We’re giving ourselves a bit of a problem of having to try and get across after having people bedazzled by these incredible artists. Redd Kross and the Fleshtones have two of the greatest live shows ever: stagecraft and great songs and performance. They just knock you out every time you see them. Redd Kross, we played three shows in Spain with them 18 months ago, and I think we only won one out of those three. [laughs]  And The Sonics, you’ll love it! I’m telling you, Gerry Roslie [Sonics frontman], you've closed your eyes and it’s 1965. His voice has not changed one bit, it’s wild. And of course, the songs are still as crazy as they ever were.”

…getting old contemporaries on board!
“Died Pretty, any excuse to get those guys out of their bedrooms and onto the stage is time well spent. And the Hard Ons, we love them. Y’know, this whole show is absolutely just us going though our wish list.”

…the one disappointing absence from their dream bill!
"We really wanted to get the Buzzcocks. There was another competing date, [US festival] Coachella or something."

…how they can hope to compete with the bands on their own bill!
“We’re going to have to really pull our fingers out to keep up. That’s one of the reasons we’re doing Stoneage Romeos: that was me going, ‘We need some secret weapon to at least help us level the playing field.’”

…his ambivalence about their debut album being considered the band’s masterpiece!
“I kind of get sick of hearing about it, really. I think it’s a great album, I have no problem with that, but I don’t think that it’s the only album we’ve done that’s worthy of note. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been wasting my time for 30 years. But when people say that to you, that’s kind of what it implies, even though they don’t really mean it that way. “

…how awesome the line up is (slight return)!
“So many of these bands, you won’t get to see them again in all likelihood and they are really something else, so when you get the opportunity to catch them, you go out and see them. That’s my philosophy about concerts. Often you think, 'Oh, I don’t know if I want to go out', then you think, 'You know what? You’re a damn idiot. Every other night of the week you’re in Melbourne and you can’t see the Fleshtones.The one night they are in town, you’re not going to go?!'”

Dig It Up - The Hoodoo Gurus Invitational, Place Theatre, Wed 25 Apr, 1pm

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Updated on 25 Feb 2014.

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