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International success! Regional shows! Zombies?

The Hilltop Hoods are back with a headline slot on the Groovin' the Moo tour and album #5, Drinking from the Sun. MC Suffa – aka Matt Lambert – tells Andrew P Street about…

…why they love doing GTM!
"I think the one most noticeable thing is the regional kids do get looser. Usually as a headliner they have a calm-down act, so the kids will sort of leave them be. It's probably because they don't get as much of this sort of thing, kids in the city are sort of spoilt for choice."

…getting around to making the new album!
"It was a bit harder because we were a bit busier. We did that stupid zombie DVD, and we had the labels so we had like records to put out there with and Funkoars and Briggs, and we had a shitload of touring as well, Canada and Europe. For the last year we pretty much didn't do shows and ramped [the recording] up, but I found this one the hardest to finish."

…their new deal in the US!
"We got a deal with Fontana so we're heading over there to do some showcases in New York and LA. They're gonna reissue [breakthrough album] State of The Art as well, and they're gonna throw older singles like 'The Nosebleed Section' and 'The Hard Road' onto State of The Art as a bonus over there, but I don't know where that's at. It might even be out there now. I should definitely ask more questions.

…whether Parade of the Dead, their full-length 2010 horror film, was not perhaps the greatest idea ever made!
"Ah, yep. I'm banned from doing a second one [laughs]. We do a DVD with every record and we try to do something different each time, so with The Calling there was a tour DVD, The Hard Road had the making-of DVD [City of Light], so we wanted to do something different again this time. I'm a big zombie fan, so it just happened. And now it's done. [laughs] I take responsibility. It was mad fun to make, and it's pretty funny."

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Updated on 25 Feb 2014.

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Hilltop Hoods: Interview video

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