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Jae Laffer: Panics frontman goes it alone

After four albums with the Panics, frontman Jae Laffer takes a quick breather to work on a solo album... and he'd like your help

Panics frontman Jae Laffer is about to start work on recording a solo album, and has opted to use crowdsourcing website Pozible.com to fund it.

Depending on the size of your donation, you could get a download of the finished album, a physical copy, the artwork, a mention in the liner notes and other cool stuff. Jae tells Time Out Melbourne what Panics fans can expect.

Jae, you're going down the crowdsourcing route, which seems appealing to so many artists these days. Have you observed it working well for anyone in particular?
I've seen it working for a load of people – Cody Chestnut, Amanda Palmer… It means you get the opportunity to have the people who are passionate about what you do contribute and actually be part of your project. I still have a great label but I can expand the scope and process of making the record and begin the creative process all on my terms.

You're big on walking and driving when you're looking for inspiration. Where do you like to head?
I always record bits and pieces at home in Melbourne and I like to put on the headphones and head out to see how they sound when I'm on the sidewalk. Plus I'm a Perth boy and I miss my beach, so I head for the water whenever I can.

What are some random key words that have been inspiring you with the songwriting of this album?
I’m inspired by conversation and people's day-to-day language, struggles and humour. I did a stint this year on the Melbourne docks and took a lot from the fellas down there.

Will you be recording in Melbourne?
I'll record close to home with people I love and respect to keep the atmosphere at its peak for creativity, then I'll head over to the States and get it mixed to sound as best it can with my favourite mixer in new york. I can't wait!

To buy your advance copy of Jae’s album (or more!) and fund his recording sesh, head to his Pozible page.

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Updated on 25 Feb 2014.

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