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A one-man, one-song show proves a critical conundrum

What was PSY's one and only Australian gig like? Was it Gangnam style, at least? Time Out Sydney's Joel Meares went along to check it out.

How exactly does one review a gig where the artist plays just a single song, as K-pop sensation and air-jockey PSY did last night in a special nightclub performance at Sydney's Marquee?

Do you grumble about the value-for-money factor, pointing out that – while you didn’t exactly show up to hear non-‘Gangnam Style’ hits from his 11-year-old catalogue of seven albums – for $130, a medley of ‘Bird’, ‘Bird 2’ and ‘Beautiful Goodbyes 2’ (featuring Lee Jae-Hoon) might have been nice. Especially in this economy.

Do you focus on the crowd, just to flesh out the review and hit your word limit? You could go a whole paragraph describing the expensive-looking Korean business dudes owning Marquee’s exclusive reserved tables like K-pop-style bosses; then segue into a bit about all those burnt-orange-looking femmes fatales with their peek-at-my-cheeks little skirts and v-shaped male offsiders.

Or, if you really needed to push it, you could focus on the support act, in this case a bunch of girls in their underwear dancing to 104.1 Today FM... we mean, a DJ’s choice of current pop hits. (Yep, ‘Levels’ got a look in.)

You could, I suppose, when it came to the main man himself, review the performance line-by-line, as you might have reviewed him song-by-song had there been more than one. You would note, if you went down this path, that PSY ad-libbed a little during his show, suggesting before the drop into “Oppan Gangnam style” that things were about to get wild. (He was right, by the way.)

And you could throw a sentence to the dancers – not a horde of ’em, as you might expect, but two lonely looking ladies, jockeying by his side with grins wider than their hips.

Finally, for a solid finish, you’d probably sign off with a moment you overheard in the crowd. Like this, for example: two mates who’d squeezed onto the dancefloor moments before ‘Gangnam Style’ was performed just after midnight turned to each other when it was all done five minutes later and said simultaneously: “That was it?”

Then they laughed and one said to the other: “Yeah, well, what else did you want?”

PSY played Marquee on Thu Oct 18.

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Updated on 25 Feb 2014.

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