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Does your morning order make you cool, or a tool? The results are in

You are the 99%. Add two sugars if you wear a hard hat. Make it skinny if you wear a suit.
You're so postmodern you wear a bowler hat and Nike Back to the Future sneakers. Either that, or you are WAY behind the times.
Flat White
You're pretty steady-as-she-blows cool. You don't rock any boats. You have written at least one haiku in your life.
Long Black
You are a boss. You probably ride to work on a tiger. Nobody knows your middle name.
Long Macchiato
You're a walking brand ambassador – except nobody is sponsoring you.
Nice eyebrows.
Check the mirror. Are you experiencing the early stages of puberty? If so, carry on. If not, you might want to ditch the choccy milk.
Are you hitting up the gay marriage/wind farm rally before or after yoga-lates?

Updated on 19 Jun 2015.

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