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Anyone else sweating a kidney? We are. And we’re remedying that with these icy things

Cold drip coffee

Chill that mother-lovin’ caffeine down fool! Milk is a bad choice. Hot milk is an even worse one, and while we’re on the subject, have you actually tried a cold drip coffee yet? If not, stop what you’re doing and go get some right now. It’s got all the coffee zing and kick without any bitter back draw, so you don’t actually need milk, or sugar to soften the blow. Put it on ice, drink it straight, rub it on your pores if you like, either way, you’re golden. Get it at: St Ali, Plantation, Badger vs. Hawk (who also do a roaring trade in cold drip cocktails come sundown, BTW), Reverence Specialty Coffee and all these joints too.

Campari and blood orange granita at Kaprica

If you’re not already aware of this little happening, ie. The fact that one of Melbourne’s finest dough-slingers, Pietro Barbagallo, has snuck back onto the scene and set up in a converted garage in Carlton, today’s the day to get acquanited. Along with his range of crisp and fluffy pieces-o-pizza which you can take across the road to the park for lunch or dinner, he’s doing a bitter sweet Campari and blood orange slushie. Or a lemon one, if you’re underage, or planning on going back to work… Carlton South.

Coconut and mint slushies at MissChu

More slushies! Big ones. In flavours like coconut and mint, with an option to chuck in some vodka if you feel frisky. It’s a good day to be eating rice-paper rolls for lunch too, and this joint does some of the best in town. Melbourne.

Iced tea at Storm in a Teacup

See above re: cold drip. Too hot for hot things, and again, have you ever had a proper iced tea that doesn’t come from the 7-Eleven? Specialist tea house Storm in a Teacup always have their Tennis Tea up for grabs – black Sri Lankan tea with a dash of lemon juice and a tiny bit of sugar, and a rotating option. At the moment its the Lemonzilla: lemongrass, lemon myrtle, ginger and turmeric, and they’re only $5. Sweet as a nut. Collingwood.

Frozen yoghurt at Yogurddiction

These guys are bussing around town doling out rear-friendly fat free froghurt (that’s frozen yoghurt, Simpsons neophytes) with 25 toppings from fresh fruit to Gummi Bears. It’s like a Hollywood version of Mr Whippy. Melbourne.

Bingsu at Snow Tree

There’s a brand new house of Korean frozen treats in Footscrazy, and they’ve got a whole lot of weird refreshing things going on including bingsu. Don’t make the mistake of ordering one to yourself like we did. It will lead to a very awkward half hour where you attempt to take down a bottomless bowl of shaved ice, milk, jelly, fresh fruit and sweet red bean paste, garnished, in true Korean style, with cornflakes. It’s worth trying – the whole thing is only sweetened by the red beans and fruit so it’s chill and refreshing rather than sickly sweet and sticky. If you’re after something a little more familiar they’ve got all the good stuff like mango, and four berry frozen yoghurt with any topping you like (they’re pretty keen on the whole cereal thing), and iced teas. Footscray.

Ice cream

Check out our favourite ice cream and gelati joints here.



Updated on 19 Mar 2014.

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