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Is paying $4 for coffee too much? Is $2 joe good? We rank the cheapest and priciest coffees for worth-it-ness


Clement Coffee - $4. Kris Wood is a coffee ninja. He changes his roasts daily. He can tell you everything – really, every thing – about your blend from whether to take it black or white, long or short ("they're like wines") to the bean's history (but only if you're interested). The milk is Schulz organic. That's a lot of extras for fiddy cents.


Fugazza - $3. The roast isn't the absolute sweetest, but overall, this is a really decent coffee at what is now considered the low, low price of $3.


Baby - $2.20. OK, this is a bit of a false economy situation because they're wearing the coffee costs to win your overall custom. But, the stuff ain't bad. They're using cheap beans but the pour is consistent. Then again, Top Paddock's crack team of baristas and bank of single origins are just across the way...


Plantation - $4. Based on the quality of raw ingredients, we can understand why Plantation charges $4. And it's the best coffee in Melbourne Central. It's just a shame that they're not always hitting those aces in execution.


Coburg Plaza - $2. The experience of pulling up at an aluminium table in Coburg Plaza among all the chess-playing chainsmoking old dudes is priceless. The coffee... well, it's one very roasty, extra scalding brew, but you get what you pay for.


 Market Lane - $4. We'd pay $5 for a Market Lane coffee. Every cup is nutty, smooth, and naturally sweet courtesy of an expert execution on the machine and the high quality ingredients involved.




Updated on 21 Nov 2013.

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