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Discover a world of coffee beyond the espresso machine with these specialty brewing methods


Image by Coffee Circle

What is it? It looks kind of like a breast pump, and is a little like a French press – only with holes and a paper filter at thebottom. Coffee and water are added (the solid plunger causes a vacuum and stops leakage), and after a minute of mingling you make like Wile E. Coyote and plunge, pushing the brewed coffee out the bottom.

What’s it like? It’s a great brewed coffee – a leaner, cleaner plunger taste with no gritty little bits in it.

Where can I get it? Naked Espresso

Coffee cherry tea (cascara)

Image by Jake Liefer

What is it? Different to the strong laxative that goes by the same name (phew!), it’s a tea made from the dried red fruit husk that surrounds the coffee bean.

What’s it like?Think rosehip tea with a distinctly earthy and uniquely coffee-ish kick. The guys at Silo turn it into gently sweetened iced tea with orange zest.

Where can I get it? Silo by Joost

Cold drip

What is it? The patient drinker’s coffee. Cold water is dripped onto a coffee pack, slowly fi ltering through over many hours, finally dropping into a vessel underneath. It results in what is essentially the ‘raw’ coffee taste.

What’s it like? Earthy rather than sweet, or as one barista puts it: “like stale Easter egg chocolate and dirt”.

Where can I get it? Sensory Lab

Pour over

What is it? When you’ve got to coax the best out of some delicate coffee wallfl owers, pour-overs are arguably the best and easiest way to do it. Over two-and-a-half minutes, hot water is carefully and steadily poured over fresh coffee grounds held in a filter cup, infusing and dripping down into the catcher cup below.

What’s it like? It’s served black, but it’s light-on for depth as the beans don’t really stew in the water. Get all the gear at Market Lane and make it at home.

Where can I get it? Market Lane


What is it? Magic! Well, close enough. You’ve got a double beaker set up that looks (to Breaking Bad fans, anyway) like a methmaking kit, where water from the bottom is sucked up via vacuum pressure through coffee grounds, and then fi lters back through to the bottom vessel once cooler. Got it? No Look on YouTube, or head to Industry Beans for a live demo.

What’s it like? Fragrant and not too bitter. It’s got a bit more zing than a pour-over, and watching it being made is pretty awesome.

Where can I get it? Industry Beans

Updated on 15 May 2014.

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