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Mindful in May

Around Town
01-31 May

Dr Elise Bialylew has faced up to some scary realities about the state of the world. Almost 10 years ago, the young doctor found herself...

Around Melbourne , Around Melbourne, Melbourne


A Simple Affair

Around Town

Despite its namesake, there’s a lot going on at this wellness centre, with a whole-foods café, a grocer, a yoga studio and a catering service.

224B Bay St, Port Melbourne

Barre Body

Sport & Outdoor
Price: from $20.00 to $25.00

What’s good for Madonna, Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman is sure as diggity worth trying for Time Out Melbourne, and so it is that we find...

69 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

Bikram Yoga: Fitzroy

Mind & Body

“That sounds like the worst thing you could possibly do” is most people’s reaction when told about Bikram Hot Yoga, but when it comes to...

24-26 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Bikram Yoga: South Melbourne

Mind & Body
Price: from $15.00 to $19.00

A more corporate crowd hits this school, which has a functional set-up. On our visits we experience a couple of teachers who like to take students...

206-212 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

Brahma Kumaris

Sport & Outdoor

Make everything seem rosier with a free foundation course in Raja Yoga Meditation or Positive Thinking. These one-on-one and group sessions will...

256 Brunswick St, Fitzroy


Melbourne on the cheap: Health

Sport & Outdoor

Feel like a hero for zero.

Best hot yoga

Mind & Body

Still feeling festively fat? Sweat yourself beautiful at these hot yoga joints.

Fitness and personal trainers

Sport & Outdoor

Meet some of this city's superstar trainers, find out what drives them and decide whether you want to drop and give them 20.

Conscious Club

Mind & Body

How many nights have you blacked out at the pub after a few too many? It might be time to come around to consciousness.

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