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There are some supremely talented hair artists in this city, waiting to wreak havoc upon your hair

Rubi Hair

Best for... First-time experimentalists.

What's the strangest do you've done?
Crystal (colourist): Having to work with horsetail. I went to the abattoir to get pieces for a show under a creative director I was working for.

What's your specialty?
Nikki (stylist): Creative cuts for boys and girls.

Crystal: I'm doing the whole spectrum of the colour wheel at the moment! Loving using the creative colours.


Best for... Dreads and shaved-head patterning.

What's the strangest 'do you've done?
Cass (stylist): Beard extensions. We don't do them very often, but it's a fun one because people don't think of it as something you can extend.

What's your specialty?

Cass: Dreadlocks is one of the main things we do – and we have customised techniques that I've developed over the last 15 years. I would say we have the most long-lasting techniques that does minimal damage to the hair.


Best for... Getting your hair and body piercing done at the same time.

What's the strangest 'do you've done?
Tynne: An undercut, braids and a Mohawk (all together). Not your standard upstyle!

What's your specialty?

Tynne: We're socially and environmentally responsible. We use high quality, animal friendly, plant-based products which are eco-friendly and gentle on the hair and scalp. We use eco-friendly cleaning products, and serve only free-trade organic coffee and alcohol.


Best for... Dreads with strong colour.

What's the strangest 'do you've done?
Nazy: We fix up many people who have had their hair done with very strange methods like Vegemite, toothpaste, honey and wax. Most memorably was a guy who wanted his dreads fixed up as he'd used Selly's No Gap glue.

What's your specialty?

Nazy: Our designs are more a lifestyle then a hairstyle, as dreads require the client to take part in the design. We are able to weave and bind the hair to create a perfect cylindrical dreadlock, with no loss of hair length.


Best for... Short, edgy hairstyles.

What's the strangest 'do you've done?
Alex: Probably an extreme mullet – but it looked great! A lot of people would be turned off but she looked so beautiful with it.

What's your specialty?

Alex: Probably women's short hair; giving something that balance between edgy and feminine. A lot of straight women have that fear of looking a little bit butch – so giving that softness where it needs to be.

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