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A versatile unit at a very reasonable price

The market is filled with iPod/iPhone docks, ranging from the overly general unit that does everything badly to the highly specific that does one thing exceptionally well. Somewhere in the middle is the Trio Touch, a dock which is also a digital radio receiver, among other nifty things.

It happily docks a number of different units (including the five in my household, ranging from the most recent iPhone to the old click-wheel iPod) without any trouble, making the first unit in my experience which could do so without operating errors. The digital radio is clean and crisp and alarms are easy to set.

Speakers are detachable but wired, which limits how far you can stretch them from the unit (hence the name: the unit can go from one to three pieces, y'see). The speakers are also solid and impressively loud, though they do start to distort at top volume (why have an amplifier beyond what the speakers can bear?). Also, it might have been a matter of adjusting the settings but I couldn’t find a way to get it to read the channels correctly: not a big problem with most music, but fake-stereo recordings like the Beatles and the Monkees were suddenly reduced to drums and vocals.

Furthermore, the digital display is extremely bright – too much so for something that’s most likely going to live on your bedside table – though you could of course just use the remote control. Then again, since it’s also a touch screen in itself, you’d be wasting some of the unit’s most useful functionality. But that’s a minor niggle: for the price it’s hard to think of a single unit that does as much as well as this.

Grundig $549

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Updated on 15 Aug 2011.

By Andrew P Street   |  


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