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Michael Moore, Joss Whedon and Mr Burns take on Romney in this week's best of YouTube

Nope, we didn't just discover the internet. And nope, we didn't just hear of a thing called YouTube. But Time Out thought we would salute Friday arvo frivolity every week with a new weekly post called Beer O'Clock. Basically, it's a different name for a list of five YouTube videos we're really liking this week. So... here are our favourite YouTube videos for this week:

Michael Moore election ad

The US elections are four days away, and things are getting pretty real. Naturally, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on things across the Pacific – what? we've always been a buzzy US politico blog! – including the hundreds of satires flooding the web. We discovered Michael Moore has recently contributed his two cents to the US election race (whaaaaat!?), coming out with a highly rhetorical and purposefully controversial (language warning!) anti-Romney ad. In other words, trademark Moore. Just don’t expect to see Moore’s familiar old truckie face – the stars here are three geriatric Democrats.

Burns chooses a candidate

This one’s a bit more surprising. In a recent promo for the Halloween episode, The Simpsons got unusually and awesomely partisan, digging pretty hard into Romney. Obama gets off lightly with “Broccoli Obama” but Romney cops it on everything from tax returns to poor Seamus. Apparently, one is not allowed to use the “shaggy dog story” against Romney anymore because it’s been done to death, but it’s The Simpsons, OK?

Whedon on Romney

Joss Whedon is everyone’s screenwriter crush of the week since releasing this impassioned anti-Romney satire. The Buffy writer is one to know the warning signs for a zombie apocalypse, so you should really trust him when he’s pointing them out. Eloquent, funny and a prolific hoarder of tinned food, people should listen to this man.


Whedon got us thinking on the subject of parkour, which he says we must learn if we’re to survive a zombie apocalypse. This parkour compilation has confirmed it for us, though… we’re 100 per cent diddly done for.

A Ghostbuster backflips

This man had his best ever Halloween this year by dressing as a Ghostbuster and being arrested for “mischief”. He probably spent a harrowing night in jail, but he’d totally survive a zombie apocalypse.

Bill Gates chair-jumps

Bill Gates is another guy who’d totes survive a zombie apocalypse.

Air NZ Ad

Middle-earth is to New Zealand as Seamus is to Mitt Romney. Geddit? Only, NZ takes the thing eternally ingrained in its reputation and uses it to its full advantage, in this case, by producing a hobbit-worshipping ad for Air New Zealand. It’s hard to tell whether to take the safety demo seriously or as part of the joke, but that’s Kiwi humour for you. As for the lifejacket inflation episode at 2:12, did some sexy-Hobbit-fan-fiction writer sneak that in there or what?

Updated on 3 Mar 2014.

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