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Rekorderlig's new character Olof is aiming for viral, and he's just the latest in a long line of meme-tastic ad campaigns

"Viral" has been a buzz word for a while now in advertising circles, with companies all trying to "go viral" with new TV campaigns – just look at the joke-and-celeb-stuffed ads that wedge themselves between touchdowns on Superbowl Sunday. And this month Rekorderlig cider – the Swedish apple-booze drink that everyone seems to be drinking right now – has joined the flock with a video showing the super-Swedish Olof leading classes on how to be more Swedish (hint: there is some wood-chopping involved). Check out the first video below... and then take a viral trip down memory lane to some of our favourite YouTube-sensational viral campaigns from the past.

Old Spice: "I'm on a horse"

Winner of the 2010 Cannes Ad Festival Grand Prix, the "I'm on a horse" ad features Isaiah Mustafa as a fast-talking dreamboat of randomosity and is probably the best example of charisma and mirth in a meme. "The Old Spice guy"'s tone and pacing in a single tracking shot is what gave the ad its edge and brought old spice back from obscurity.

Apple: "I'm a Mac"

“Hello, I’m a Mac,” says hip Justin Long. "…and I’m a PC," chimes in a stiff-collared John Hodgman. The two played the classic odd couple in 66 TV spots from 2006 to 2009 with easy going Mac coming out on top, always, without even trying.

Carlton Draught: Big Ad

Launched in 2005 and winner of a Gold Lion award at the Cannes advertising awards the following year. A Lord of the Rings-inspired ad where two rival armies of red and yellow clad average Joes charge each other whilst dubbing Carlton Draught’s signature sardonic obviousness to describe what they’re doing ‘this ad better sell some bloody beer’ to Carl Orff’s 'O fortuna'. The 'Big A'd first saw success through a viral campaign before Carlton was convinced of its TV potential.

Cadbury Eyebrows

You've either read Lord of the Rings, or you haven't. You're a boxers man or a briefs. And you like the gorilla or you like the eyebrow kids. We like the eyebrows.

Updated on 4 Mar 2014.

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