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Need more podcasts in your life? Time Out picks the top 10 Melbourne-made forays into design, feminism, storytelling…and even Doctor Who

The Lords of Luxury
Hosted by: Radio broadcasters/comedians Luke Ryan, Dan Debuf, Paul Verhoeven, Matt Saraceni
Best for: Off-the-wall humour in an old-timey radio show format. Comedy sketches from these improv comedy alumni are bizarrely funny (our favourite: a captain who thinks a cruise ship is a spaceship).
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Hosted by: Johannes Jakob and Madeleine Crofts (Jo + Mad… get it?)
Best for: A literary injection into your life. These two massive readers discuss books so well that you’ll be trotting off to Readings bookstore to buy some books while you’re still listening to the podcast.

Theatre of the World
Hosted by: Satirical busker-rock band Man Bites God (James Hazelden, Chris Tomkins, Mark Woodward)
Best for: Themed podcasts, ranging from ‘Creatures!’ to ‘Revenge!’. Their genial banter (sans songs from their band) is interspersed by ‘Fact Bombs’ – and the occasional well placed profanity.

Hosted by: Josh Kinal, John Richards, Courteney Hocking, Dave Lawson, Brett Cropley
Best for: Commentary on what’s new in the world of television (with plenty of asides). Boxcutters are 300 episodes into their weekly look at TV. Their busy website’s chock-full of follow-up links and more opinions.

Splendid Chaps
Hosted by: Actor/comedian Ben McKenzie, writer/actor John Richards (also in Boxcutters), actress Petra Elliott
Best for: Rabid Doctor Who fans. Really. This once-a-month podcast is recorded in front of a live audience (usually in Melbourne), and covers each of the 11 Doctors. They even got an a capella group from Adelaide to perform the Doctor Who theme tune.

Cherchez La Femme
Hosted by: Speaker/writer/activist Karen Pickering
Best for: Feminism in the pub. The panel at the live Gasometer Hotel events tackle current affairs. Themes revolve around topics like science, education, and that old chestnut – sex.

Cock and Bull
Hosted by: Writer Cathy Culliver and comedian Jon Bennett
Best for: Listening to entirely true stories (they’re all real, no bull!), as told by a ragamuffin collection of raconteurs. Recorded at the bi-monthly Bazaar Tales and Willow Tales storytelling nights in the CBD and Northcote, respectively.

The Nudge
Hosted by: Josh Kinal of Floate Design (and the Boxcutters podcast – those Boxcutters get around)
Best for: A dose of the design world – both the creators and those who hire them. Learn about the Melburnians who are shaping the city, from Melbourne Music Week to Two Birds Brewing.

Hosted by: Journalism student Philippe Perez
Best for: A glimpse into the literary world. Interviewing bloggers, published authors, and creators of zines (who knew Canberra had a zine festival?), Perez delves into the world of words. Maybe a Time Out writer might make the cut someday…

Quality Time
Hosted by: Band Sex on Toast’s Angus Leslie and the Shadow Electric programmer Jean Lizza
Best for: Full-on rambling coverage of popular culture. Leslie and Lizza invite downloaders to listen to conversations that make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on friends.

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Updated on 3 Mar 2014.

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