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Happy River Café

Price: Up to $50

Happy River Café does any excellent job of living up to its name. Situated by the mighty Maribyrnong River, the bluestone building has a long...

45 Moreland St, Footscray


For those gutsy enough, Babylon offers barche – an offering of sheep’s head with offal and bread.

152 Nicholson St, Footscray

Cafe Lalibela

Cafe Lalibela is one of the oldest Ethiopian institutions in Melbourne, serving traditional and authentic Ethiopian food and beverages. The...

91 Irving Street, Footscray

Dancing Dog Café

The Dancing Dog in Footscray is a quirky bar and cafe, open every night until late. On Friday and Saturday nights there is live music on offer in...

42a Albert St, Footscray

Katarina Zrinski Restaurant

Don’t you dare order the main size mixed grill – here at the Croatian Club, you can’t shake the feeling that baba is waiting in the kitchen...

72 Whitehall St, Footscray

Kitchen Samrat

Beer and Indian food are a match made in heaven. Luckily Kitchen Samrat knows this, so have given you the option of getting beer delivered with...

36 Leeds St, Footscray

Konjo Café

This Ethiopian café in Footscray has a range of share platters, banquets and delicious spicy dishes as well as traditional Ethiopian coffee.

89 Irving St, Footscray

Nhu Lan

Lots of terrible things happened during the French colonisation of Vietnam during the 1900s. You know: invasion, oppression exploitation. But then...

116 Hopkins St, Footscray

Olympic Doughnuts

One of the first things to welcome you as you arrive at Footscray station is Olympic Doughnuts. It’s the spray-painted metal box just to the...

51 Irving St, Footscray

Raw Materials

Raw Materials began in 2002 and sells quality groceries as well as having a state of the art demonstration kitchen which hosts local and...

138 Cowper St, Footscray

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