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Your search for venues has returned 15 results

Auction Rooms Café

Price: up to $50.00

Going to North Melbourne is like getting out of town without having to get up early, argue with bogans, or risk bad coffee. Errol street looks...

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Miss Katie's Crab Shack


When this crustacean-loving, dive-bar-occupying house of fried chicken and crab boils opened earlier this year, we damn near choked with...

238 Victoria St, North Melbourne

Twenty and Six Espresso


Twenty and Six does breakfast that’s already impressing North Melbourne’s pants clear off. And those are some tight pants. When graphic...

594 Queensbury St, North Melbourne

123 Cake

Listen up, crafternooners. We've just had word of a joint called Cake 123: a new cupcakery where you can make your cake and eat it too. Choose...

472 Victoria St , North Melbourne


Price: up to $15.00

Featuring an enticing array of cakes, slices, biscuits, tarts and scones, as well as ciabattas and sandwiches and coffee good enough to satisfy...

688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne


A standing room only café has opened directly across the road from Auction Rooms .

104 Errol St, North Melbourne

Fancy Hank's BBQ

Finger lickin' smoky ribs and juicy pulled pork Southern USA-style. Somehow, the knowledge that your time with Fancy Hank is fleeting (it's a...

456 Queen St, North Melbourne

Grigons and Orr

Price: Up to $50

Grigons and Orr (rhymes with corner store) is like the milk bars of yesteryear. Shelves are lined with biscuits, tin tomatoes, vegemite and spam;...

445 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Maison Ama Lurra

Maison Ama Lurra brings you the finest quality European teas. They specialise in imports from France, such as Mariage Frères, which is one of the...

123 Howard St , North Melbourne

Schon Café

You can learn to cook great Italian, Thai, make coffee or get your RSA at this jack-of-all-trades training venue in North Melbourne. Why not...

112 Peel St, North Melbourne

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