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It might be a tech demo, but it's also the most beautiful short film we've seen in a long time

Before you watch the film below, here's a bit of background: Quantic Dream are a Paris-based game developers, founded by David Cage (aka David De Gruttola) and known for pushing the boundaries of what could be considered "games". Their last effort, the jaw-dropping Heavy Rain, was the closest the world has come to an interactive movie, as the player attempted to solve a mystery from the perspective of four protagonists, with every missed clue or successful investigation changing the way the story went.

Hence, they're no strangers to trying innovative new things out – and this short film exists not as a trailer for their new project (by all accounts this is not a preview of anything the company is working on), but as something far more mundane: it's a tech demo, basically showing how the Playstation 3's processors handle their incredibly detailed animation. We think you'll agree that there's never been a more beautiful piece of art created just to check how well the gear works.

And Quantic Dream? If Kara isn't on your project slate at the moment, we strongly suggest that you change your mind: film, game, whatever. 

Updated on 22 Mar 2012.

Quantic Dream's Kara video