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From roller skating to "antigravity yoga", our ways to stay warm (and fit) this winter

House Of Yoga

Hanging upside down like a chimpanzee is not something you’d typically imagine when it comes to yoga, but this is the position I found myself in on a Monday evening in Redfern. AntiGravity Yoga – the new yoga trend created by Cirque du Soleil co-founder Christopher Harrison – fuses traditional yoga techniques with acrobatic poses, performed while the yogi is supported by a silk sling. The class begins with everyone lying lengthwise in their hammocks as instructor Evangeline runs through the basic points of the practice. Emerging from our cocoons, it’s on to the real workout as we kick off with our first inversion. Activating core muscles and trusting the hammock is the key here. Assured that I won't fall out, I make the bold move to whip my legs up, and before I know it, the room is flipped upside down and the blood has rushed to my head. After holding the pose briefly to get the full stretch, we return our feet to the floor. The class then moves through adapted traditional yoga poses and a few less traditional ones, named after the celebrities that made them famous, like Pink’s ‘chandelier’. After swinging, hanging, lunging and twisting, an hour has flown by, and I walk out of the class feeling a little bit sore – particularly around my hips – but surprisingly refreshed. 


Physique Aerobics

It was last seen in gyms in the early '90s, but lycra-loving fitness has made a comeback! And instructor Shannon Dooley certainly looks the part – the NIDA graduate sports shimmer tights, fluoro pink sweatbands and a neon green lycra two-piece. After a brief warm-up we move into ‘pendulums’. I swing and hop from foot to foot, and even though I feel more like a drunken pirate than Olivia Newton-John, my blood is pumping and I’m ready to get physical. We move through the grapevine, Flashdance-style on-the-spot jogging, pelvic thrusts and elbow to knee leg pumps as the '80s soundtrack navigates Wham!, Phil Collins, Chaka Khan and Duran Duran. With the fluoro and humour of the whole activity, Physique is far from the bore of slogging it out on the treadmill.


Hot Hula Fitness

Inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands, Hot Hula is a new workout from New Zealand-born Anna-Rita Sloss. With my knees bent, tush tucked in, shoulder blades pressed down and core activated, what seems like a relatively simple figure ‘8’ movement of the hips is surprisingly difficult. Sloss changes up the soundtrack between Polynesian drums and Michael Jackson, and our hips don’t stop moving for an hour – and if they do stop, the class is made to hit the floor for 20 push-ups. Towards the end of the class, each of the patterns we have learnt are combined to form a basic routine and everyone begins to get into the hula groove. All attempts to get “sexy” and “into it” as instructed by Sloss are foiled when we catch a glance at our sweaty and awkward reflections – but it’s how you feel on the inside that counts, right?



Rollerfit offers classes for all levels and show you all the basics behind mastering those four wheels. Keep an eye out for their roller disco parties where you can put can put your skills to the test.

Canal Rd, Bldg 29, off 184 Bourke Rd Alexandria

Climb Fit

Bring out your inner mountaineer and scale some walls. The best bit? That gleeful victory sail back down, of course.


Unicycle Hockey

Yes, this is really a thing. Bring along your hockey stick, unicycle and join a team for a friendly circus-meets-sport extravaganza.


Sydneys best 5 walks


Sydney is the proud home to one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. Pop on some comfy shoes, mark your map (or tap it into your phone) and step your way to some of the city’s best views. Around Sydney.

Macquarie Ice Rink

Get your skates on and go for some laps around the rink to get your blood pumping. The balance required to keep you up-right is great for your core.


Bobbi's Pole Studio - CBD

What was once reserved for strippers and hens’ nights is now a regular feature in gyms across Sydney. Whip on your short shorts and forget your inhibitions. It’s a lot harder than it looks.



Ambitions of running off to join the circus? Aerialize is the next best thing – they’ll teach you the art of trapeze, acrobatics, contortion, handstands and hula-hooping.


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