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Sydney's Top 10 Quirkiest Nights Out

1 Crab Racing

Friend In Hand
Crammed to its jolly rafters with oddball paraphernalia, the Friend In Hand coaxes out the gambler in all of us with its Wednesday night crab racing. Combine copious amounts of booze and large scale water spraying and you get the general idea of this baby's animal antics.

2 Dames in tanks 

The Mandalay Room
Looking for a touch of aquatic entertainment without getting wet? The Mandalay Room's giant tank hosts
a bunch of professional bikini-wearing staff who float elegantly as punters make merriment with pleasantly priced drinks. Women be advised: they haven't hired any mer-men. Yet.
Kings Cross

3 Dr Sketchy's

The Arthouse
Cabaret meets life drawing at Dr Sketchy's fortnightly gatherings. Enjoy a drink and some live burlesque entertainment as you sketch the lines of the glamorous models. The ‘anti-art school' is fast becoming an institution within the walls of this historic hotel. At the very least it's a good excuse to sip ‘n' stare.

4 Martinis & Manicures

The Chamberlain
There's no doubt the women of The Mandalay's tank spend their downtime getting manicured at The Chamberlain. And what better way to while away your Thursday afternoon than with cocktails and a little one-on-one cuticle attention.

5 Sand Pit 

The Lord Raglan
The Raglan's policy entertains the downright entertaining, with Wii and Guitar Hero playoffs on Wednesdays, poker nights on Fridays and staff who go about their everyday duties in costumed style. Next month they'll
fill the entire bar with sand in a mid-winter tropical tribute, and we can't forget the mechanical bull that rears its head on occasion.

6 Music Trivia

The Clare
Tuesday nights see The Clare crowded with music nerds hotly contesting the word of the MC. Corners and couches are cramped with would be winners ready to battle it out for the beer and prizes, at the expense of anyone in the vicinity. Expect altercations between punters and hosts - music trivia is a serious thing, y'know.

7 Pod Wars

Cricketers Arms
The Cricketers lures you out on Monday with free pool, offers up a killer selection of board games to keep your hands busy through the week and dishes it out with Pod Wars on the weekend. ‘Think the music sucks? Do something about it,' they taunt. Personally, we've been waiting for that moment for a while.
Surry Hills

8 Game On

Three Weeds
The Three Weeds equals well-mannered fun every night of the week. Good food, good wine and good beer host a generous selection of board games to satisfy your competitive urges. The crowd is friendly, the mood is relaxed and it's the perfect way to get out of the house while indulging in a few homely charms.

9 Movies

Madame Fling Flong
Tucked away on King St, Madame Fling Flong embraces the avant garde with its retro décor and delightfully discerning cocktail menu. Tuesday nights see cinema classics, cult and foreign films come to life on the Fling Flong screen. When the show's over hang around and lap up the lush surroundings... and Connect 4.

10 Fortune Telling

The Chamberlain
They know you're coming - that's why they hang around every Wednesday night. Have a resident fortune teller pour out your future before you pour out your heart out over late-night drinks. Perhaps they'll read your beverage, too.  

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