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Andy Bull

You're sounding very chipper, Mr Bull.
It's a ruse: I'm drunk and undressed.

Glad to hear it. That's the Time Out way too: we're a bunch of nude drunks.
It sounds like a place I'd like to work: it's no-clothes Tuesday! Actually, I think I'd like to be Australia's leading semi-nude writer, if it comes to that.

Well, some of us are wearing shirts...
Ah, but wearing shirts and no pants is even naughtier than wearing nothing at all. You wear a little of something and it's more suggestive. It's the way of the future: business lingerie!

Before you embark on this lucrative new career as an erotic workwear magnate, is the soulful pop of 'Small Town Girl' representative of the forthcoming album?
It's interesting that you should ask. It's not really characteristic of the entire album, but I don't think it's out of place either because the album's quite varied: there's a mix of rock and soul and a few styles crossed over. That particular song is very structured: there's a clarity in the chord progression and there's a cohesiveness about the song that makes it right for radio. It's very obvious in some regards - but on the album there are some things that are more subtle, that might take a few listens to really get the full essence of. There are some slow burners on there that I'm really, really proud of.

So what was the creative process for these songs?
When was writing this album I hadn't toured, I didn't have a deal or anything like that: I had written songs on my own, mainly on the piano, and there's been an advantage in that isolation: I've been able to develop ideas that I like without too much pressure from anybody else. And then you get into the studio with some great musicians and you bring them to life.

So there'll be no more 'Small Town Girl's in the immediate future...

But as a songwriter I'm so glad to have something like 'Small Town Girl': I've broken through onto some radio stations, which means that a whole lot of people who might never have heard me before are getting a listen. And all I ever wanted as a songwriter and a performer was a chance to be heard. So that song, which I love, is providing me with that chance.

Andy Bull plays at the Brass Monkey on Fri 17 and Spectrum on Sat 18 Oct. 'Small Town Girl' is out now through Universal.

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