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Time Out's former cover girl is ready to take on the world

Lanie Lane’s star has been on the rise over the last 12 months – heck, we didn’t make the girl our cover star for nothing – but now our cowgirl has saddled up for pastures new. She’s travelled the world, catching the ear of no less a luminary as Jack White, who recorded a single with her for his Third Man label, and now we’re about to get her debut album. And when we say “about to get”, there’s not much of a gap: the last song on For the Horses was added about a week before the album went to be pressed.
“The whole title is ‘Oh Well, That’s What You Get Falling in Love with a Cowboy’,” she explains. “It was just perfect, that’s what I said word for word in my sleep and I just couldn’t cut it down. It’s just so funny!”
So it came from sleep talking?
“Yeah! I was told in the morning and I wrote the song in an hour,” she giggles. “It fits in perfectly and it glues everything together. That’s going to be the next single: the number 11 is a really important number to me and so that being the 11th addition was perfect.”
The album doesn’t contain the aforementioned single ‘Ain’t Hungry’ – but how does one end up in a studio with a White Stripe? “Andy [Kelly, Lanie’s manager and Ivy League head honcho] met Ben Swank, who runs Third Man Records, ten years ago or something. There was no expectation: he thought he'd like my stuff. So he sent him two tracks and he sent and email within a few hours, ‘oh my god I love her voice, I wana see what the boss thinks’ and we were like ‘What?’”
She laughs at the memory. “I could not believe it! Then a few days later he personally emailed me telling me he really liked my voice and if I wanted to come and do the recording. So a month or two later I went and did it and it was just such an inspiring day. I think, I just loved the way he worked, it was very spontaneous and free and very musical. He records the way I like to record, which is with a band in a room, there’s no messing about, we just play the music together, that’s it!”
Of course, there’s one other big change in Lanie’s life: the dedicated Sydney girl has moved south to Melbourne. Well, at least it’s another Time Out town…
“Oh, don’t get mad! Sydney is my home: it will always be my home,” she insists. “I don’t even feel like I’m living anywhere in particular at the moment and I think you would see me just as much if I was living in Sydney, 'cos I’ve had about three days at home since I’ve moved out down there anyway!"

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