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Submissions policy & how to get listed

How do I have my event or venue listed in Time Out?

- Time Out does not guarantee to include all events or venues on our website.

- Time Out does not charge to include your event or venue in our magazine on our website (be very careful of websites that do!) and will always link to your website for more information or ticket sales.

- Time Out needs complete information in good time.

- Your event should be submitted at least six weeks before it occurs.

What if my venue or event is incorrect on the Time Out website?

Send exact details of the error and correction to online@au.timeout.com

How do I add a photograph to my existing event or venue on the Time Out website?

Send the photo to online@au.timeout.com (see our Submissions policy below)

We now feed our information to a number of other sites - including a picture of your venue or event makes it MUCH MORE LIKELY that your information will be more widely distributed.

Submissions to Time Out - Policy, terms and conditions

"Time Out" shall mean Time Out , Time Out magazines and websites worldwide (including www.timeout.com and au.timeout.com) and Print & Digital Publishing Pty Ltd.

"Time Out Associates" shall mean all and any associated and subsidiary companies of Time Out and any holding company of Time Out and any associated and subsidiary companies of such holding company and any of their licensees, successors and assigns.

"Submission" means any written work or photography either solicited or unsolicited whether sent by post or electronically to Time Out. This includes, but is not limited to, photographs, writing, articles, letters, emails, press releases and associated photographs and materials and any user generated content, including user comments and photographs, submitted to the site.

1. All submissions to Time Out and website whether solicited or unsolicited are subject to these terms and conditions save those that are contracted in writing and specifically exclude these.

2. For the avoidance of doubt Time Out shall be entitled itself and through Time Out Associates to use the submission in perpetuity in all media formats and devices and whether in printed or electronic form including by way of electronic dissemination broadcast or diffusion and the inclusion of such submission in any Time Out Website or website, app, mobile device or other device to which Time Out provides content. No fee shall be payable for such usage. Time Out will also be entitled to use the submission for promotional purposes.

3. Nothing herein shall be deemed to require Time Out to use or publish the submission.

4. You warrant that:-

(i) You are the author and the first owner of the copyright in the submission; and

(ii) The submission will not be obscene defamatory or infringe the rights of any third party; and

(iii) You have the full right and title to grant to Time Out the rights hereby granted including for the purposes of Time Out's publication exploitation and syndication of the Work without further payment; and

(iv) You are over 18.

5. This agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Australia.

© 2011 Time Out - Print & Digital Publishing Pty Ltd

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