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Seven-year-old critic Bill Blake weighs in on the mega Dreamworks adaptation

The first thing I have to say about this show is “Wow!”
The dragons are really cool. Especially when the Gronkle swallowed Gobber’s wooden stool and farted it out in pieces. That was really funny. And when the Red Death was flying, I think little children would have been terrified.
This show is based on the film How To Train Your Dragon but it’s actually quite different in a lot of ways. Some of the scenes are new – they’ve put in different bits to make it more exciting – and the end is really different. Some of the characters like Pong, Fling, Gristle and Stick have been made up for the show. It was still really good though. I still have some ideas in my mind about the Viking Games.
The hero of the story is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his wounded dragon Toothless. The guy who plays Hiccup (Riley Miner) was not as humorous as you would think he might be. He was quite a bit more serious. But I thought that Fishlegs (Dexter Mayfield) was really funny, especially when he was riding on the Gronckle.
My favourite dragon was the monstrous Nightmare. He could blow smoke out of his horns.
They use quite a lot of film bits in the show. I thought the burning of the village on the island of Berk at the beginning looked quite realistic. Using real people and film together was really clever.
One bit I wished was a bit shorter was when Gobber (Will Watkins) was riding around on his siege tower throne thing announcing what was going to happen in the Viking Games. That was actually a bit boring.
I would recommend this to people who like medieval knights because they have a lot of dragon stories and to history braniacs like me.
Review by Thom Blake, aged five
The dragons in this show were absolutely awesome. The names of the dragons are Red Death, Gronckle, Nadder and Toothless. My favourite was Red Death because it was so massive and cool. But they didn’t have a Zippleback with two heads.
I didn’t think the show was going to be as good as the film because they didn’t have all the dragons. But I enjoyed it because the dragons were awesome. 

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By Bill Blake (age 7)   |   Photos by Jeff Busby
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