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The many faces of John Bell

Shakespearean director and performer John Bell... like you've never seen him before

Time Out's chief photographer Daniel Boud visited one of the greatest actors and theatre-makers this country has ever produced – and asked him to pull funny faces.

(Scenarios lovingly lifted from Vanity Fair and Toby Schmitz's @yourfacegame.)

About to deliver the fail safe punchline of your favourite joke you realise you fucked up the beginning

The TV goes blank in the dying seconds of your team's nail-biting grand final


You're a Romanian gymnastics coach, exasperated at the failings of your 12-year-old star pupil, screaming, "You are imbecile!"

You're a six-year-old who has skinned his knee in the playground, waiting to cry until your mum gets off her mobile phone

You're in the back row of sixth-grade health class, exulting with your pals in the fact that your female teacher just uttered the word 'penis'

You've accidentally texted the person you were having a heinous bitch about

You're a gangsta rapper being informed by a haughty bouncer that you are not on the list

You're a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike, watching as she takes a header on her first solo try

You are a four-year-old watching The Empire Strikes Back when Vader tells Luke "I am your father"

It's a week into your honeymoon and you're having your doubts

You're a first-time skydiver, reacting to your instructor's saying it's your turn. "What? Can't hear you! Sorry... what?"

You're a five-year-old boy sneaking your pet rat into your seven-year-old sister's underwear drawer

You're the seven-year-old sister, having just opened the drawer


More tomfoolery at Toby Schmitz's @yourfacegame

Toby Schmitz's interview with John Bell


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