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Let galloping robots and athletic monkeys be your drinking buddies this week in our best of YouTube

1. SNL writers do Robyn
So, SNL writers get up to some crazy-ass hi-jinks at 4.30 in the morning, and flashlights suddenly becoming very amusing and useful, just like a sleepover. We like to think we’d be able reenact Robyn under the same conditions, but there’s no way we could learn those those steps.

2. Fran Drescher v Siri
This clip kind of makes you miss the Nanny. Kinda. Drescher's voice seems a little work-sore after all these years, bless her. But she looks pretty much the same (miracle!) and she’s still asking after Mr. Sheffield. The iPhone 5 might contain a flawless Siri, making these parodies redundant. So enjoy this while you can.

3. Isla Fisher on tea-bagging
Ah, those crass Aussies! Isla Fisher made an American morning that much more memorable this week by bringing up tea-bagging on live national TV. Host Elizabeth Vargas made the horrible mistake by asking her to clarify, and Kirsten Dunst deflected the awkwardness with congenial ease. Priceless. 

4. Pankun and James
Dog-and-monkey team Pankun and James make extremely adorable gym buddies.

5. TED
Listen up people, TED is here. That’s the trillion-frame-per-second camera that can capture light in motion. Given that light in motion looks like a fantastically arty poltergeist, you’ll probably want to put your art school on the waiting list for one of these.

6. Cheetah the robot
It’s tough being robot nowadays. With your robot friends out roving Mars and running on water, etc, etc, it’s not enough simply to be an overachiever. You have to be the fastest and the best. A new land speed record of 18 miles an hour has put this robot, Cheetah, in top spot… for now. But can he hack the pressure?

For the opposite of Cheetah's speed and agility, try and make Clop walk.

Glug glug.

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