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Busting: no longer making you feel good

With a new story with a new crew of Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime seems more like a vehicle to sell what would otherwise be a rather average multiplayer game with an old school mentality than something that a fan would actually desire.

The story, told through comic book panels which are far too cluttered with text, reveals an ancient cult is trying to resurrect a 4000 year old god called Damazu the Destroyer. It's set after the events of the movies and very loosely ties into the franchise history by featuring cameos by original Ghostbusters Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore (in cartoon form with no dialogue – my bet is Messrs Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson cost too much money), but at least it features the theme song.

The game plays a little like the old Smash TV game – a top down game where you control your character with one stick and the direction of their weapon with another stick. Choosing one of four players, it’s up to you to go through each maze like level and catch / kill as many ghosts as possible. You have three different plasma types which take down three different coloured ghosts and at the end of each level, you have a boss fight which involves shooting the big boss with one of three different gun settings and then using the Trap by matching the button presses on screen.

Each level is almost exactly the same – a series of corridors that open up into a big arena room wherein you’re sealed and must defeat all the enemies which spawn in at you. There are a few on rails vehicle sections designed to break up the monotony, where you have to whip around and shoot ghosts as you’re flying through the city streets on the Ectomobile 2.0 (a travesty of cross promotion as the wonderful ectomobile hearse is replaced by a goddamn Hummer) – but even in these areas you are forced to stop in arena sections, and locked in until all ghosts are killed.

We’ve seen so many games like that use a similar concept on the various download services available on consoles which are really good, like Geometry Wars and Pixel Shooter, so Sanctum of Slime has no excuse for being below par. It is fun when playing multiplayer, especially when you’ve got four mates in the same room, but with so many other games out there vying for your time and attention, Sanctum of Slime offers nothing you haven't seen before.

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Updated on 2 Jun 2015.

By Julian Cram   |  
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